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Another amazing NASCOE year is in the books. Although we have had several successes in the Publicity area, there continue to be significant challenges.

Midwest Area Website
A major goal was accomplished in January, as the Midwest Area Website was launched. If you haven’t visited the website yet, GO! A great deal of thought, planning and work has been put into this site. Six of the eight Midwest Area States have pooled resources in order to have a website that they can have custom content for their state, as well as information for the Area. The two states that did not buy-in still have a page with a referral to their states website. As with any website, it needs maintenance, and updates. Hopefully, this site can continue to expand and provide MWA NASCOE members with valuable information for years to come.

Bookmark this page, and visit it often!

Communications within States
A pretty big concern is communications within each state. MWA Executive Chris Hare challenged each state to step up and send a newsletter (electronic or printed) that contained at least three articles. The result of that challenge is that only two states sent out a newsletter.
Does that mean that we aren’t getting information to our members? It is hard to say. Are states just forwarding emails to members? I know that I tend to zone out sometimes with all the plain text emails that I get in a given week. I challenge all MWA States to put together at least one newsletter / bulletin this year. It doesn’t need to be fancy or long, but include a few photos, include some “good news” – like new members, retirements, fun activities.

NASCOE Communications
This past year, we have sent a larger number of NASCOE News Flash updates. Have you seen them? A NASCOE News Flash is sent when there is critical information to go to all members. The NASCOE Communications Database is utilized to send these updates out to our membership. Depending on the content communication, the News Flash may be posted to the Nascoe News Facebook page and to the blog.
If you are following the NASCOE website, you will also receive email notifications when an item is added to the NASCOE blog. If you are not sure if you are following the website, go to and complete the item: “Follow Blog Via Email”. Just enter your email address and click the follow button – and you’re done!

Moving on…
This marks the last MWA Bulletin article that I will write, at least in the foreseeable future. As I continue serving as your NASCOE Publicity Chair and Webmaster, I needed to step back from activities on the area level. I wish to thank: past MWA Exec Curt Houk for cajoling me into saying Yes at a time when I was saying No to pretty much everything else; Chris Hare, for all his silliness, has a deep passion for NASCOE and FSA employees – I know this isn’t the last we’ll see of Chris.

I am stepping aside as another great MWA Executive team is beginning. Jackson Jones, your new Exec, is the closest thing I know to the Energizer Bunny. His passion is obvious, he will serve our area well. Mary Roberts has brought good things to our NAFEC committee, I am confident that she will continue this work in her role as MWA Alt Exec.

The MWA is truly a great area to represent. During the past four years, I have gained many new lifelong friends, really, my NASCOE Family. The next MWA Rally will be in Illinois. I will be there, and I hope to meet many new family members.

Respectfully submitted,

Teresa Holmquist

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Teresa Holmquist
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