Programs – Pre-MWA Rally 2018

There has been a change with the Programs area this past fall.  Michelle Stahl from Ohio is now the new National Chair.  She has not had a chance to get into the full swing of things yet, therefore these numbers might sound a little low yet.  The MWA has had a total of 21 program submissions.  Saying that there has only been 1 sent to me since Michelle has taken over and I know she has more to send yet.  There are 2 that were better suited for negotiations and were sent for this past session.

For your Step-It-Up challenge here are the numbers by state:

Indiana – 2
Michigan – 1
Wisconsin – 1
Missouri – 1
Illinois – 0
Iowa – 3
Ohio – 4
Minnesota – 9

I would like to challenge each state to hit 10 submissions before May.  If you are close to 10 try for 20.  The more we submit the better our programs can be.  This is how the programmers and DC employees hear what we like or dislike and what is working or not working.  This is also how your state can help contribute to the Chris challenge. Congratulations and keep up the hard work!

Respectfully Submitted,
Jamie Garriott
MWA Programs Chair

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