Scholarship Report – Pre-MWA Rally 2018

The application period for 2018 Scholarships have ended.  The Scholarship applications received for 2018 have far exceeded expectations for the MWA!  This is the second year for the online process and it seems to be going very well for our area.  In the MWA had a total of 62 applications.  The following is a breakdown of each category:

  • Traditional – 43 applicants
  • Open-Continuing – 16 applicants
  • Member Continuing Education – 1 applicant
  • Adult Children Continuing Education – 0 applicants
  • Grandchildren – 1 applicant
  • Associate – 1 applicant

Each State from the MWA had applicants which again is fantastic for our membership.

  • Wisconsin – 9 applicants
  • Ohio – 8 applicants
  • Missouri – 10 applicants
  • Minnesota – 3 applicants
  • Michigan – 4 applicants
  • Iowa – 12 applicants
  • Indiana – 7 applicants
  • Illinois – 6 applicants

Again, this has far exceeding the Areas expectations, and my expectations as your Area Scholarship Chair.  We are in the process of judging all applications.  Each state Scholarship Chair has received their respective applications and have sent those out to their state Judges.  The Area Judges have also received the applications for area judging.  The deadline for judging at the state and area level is February 20th.  The area winners will be forwarded on for National judging by March 1st.  National selections will be made by April 1st.

This is a very exciting time for the MWA as we have great representation on the scholarship front.  This goes to show that our membership is being informed and taking advantage of benefits that are available to them and their family.

Respectfully Submitted,
Tina Young
MWA Scholarship Chair

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