Benefits Report – Post MWA Rally 2018


Benefits Report

 March 2018

Once again it has been an honor to serve as the Midwest Area Benefit Chair.  I appreciate Chris giving me the opportunity to serve the members.  I also want to thank the State Presidents and State Benefit Chairs for all of their efforts and support during the past year.

The Benefit committee is always looking for new benefits that will appeal to NASCOE members but it isn’t easy.  In the last year we have resurrected the Sam’s Club discount in the form of a $10 gift card.

The potential new benefit was submitted to the NASCOE Executive committee for a NASCOE Members Relief Fund that has been table for future consideration.  The intent would be that NASCOE members could voluntarily contribute to this fund and when a member was affected by a natural disaster they could submit a request.  The amount of assistance would be limited and only available for qualifying events.  NASCOE has not approved this on a national level but this is something each state could set up for their own state association members.

Working Advantage is a group discount that is being utilized by some members and offices some pretty nice discounts and a variety of events.   I was looking at tickets for the musical Les Miserables when it comes to Madison and tickets were about 50% less than going through Ticket Master.   Discounts are available for local movie theaters, theme parks, and hotels so I encourage everyone to take advantage of this member benefit.

One of the major goals of the benefit committee is to update the position description for benefit chairs and develop mission statement.  The National Chair along with the area chairs are also working on a document listing descriptions of the NASCOE member benefits so we have something tangible that we can provide our members.

I encourage state benefit chairs to think outside the box and look for things that our members want and look for new benefits that are appealing to our new employees.   We also need to promote our existing benefits so people know about them and understand how to utilize them.

Once again, thank you Chris and Jackson for the opportunity to serve and to the state Presidents and chairs for their efforts and support.


Jon Williams

MWA Benefits Chair.

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