Awards Report – Post MWA RAlly 2018

MWA Awards Report

This year is the second year of using the online nomination system for the Distinguished Service Awards.  It seems most of the issues we had last year have been worked out; I didn’t have any complaints or issues with our nominations!  I feel it was definitely easier and encouraged people to do more than ‘think about’ nominating someone!

In the MWA alone, we received FORTY-ONE total nominations in the categories of Service to NASCOE, Service to FSA/Agriculture and Service to Community.  THIS IS AMAZING!!!  We DOUBLED the nominations from last year – Way to go MWA!!!  This is wonderful to see so many people nominate their colleagues for their hard work both on and off the job!

Applications for nominations had to be submitted by January 1, 2017.  The breakdown of nominations is as follows:

Distinguished Service Award for services to NASCOE:  9

Illinois – 1                            Indiana – 0

Iowa – 0                               Michigan – 0

Minnesota – 1                    Missouri – 4

Ohio – 2                               Wisconsin – 1

Distinguished Service Award for services to FSA/Agriculture:  26

Illinois – 3                            Indiana – 1

Iowa – 10                             Michigan – 5

Minnesota – 2                    Missouri – 1

Ohio – 3                               Wisconsin – 1

Distinguished Service Award for services to Community:  6

Illinois – 1                            Indiana – 0

Iowa – 1                               Michigan – 1

Minnesota – 1                    Missouri – 0

Ohio – 1                               Wisconsin – 1

The nominations have been forwarded to the appropriate states for judging.  On February 2, the state winners will be sent on to the Area judges where those winners will be selected and then sent on to the National judges by March 1st.  Congratulations to all our nominees and thank you to the nominators for taking the time to recognize your co-workers

Last year I challenged each state to have AT LEAST one nomination in each of the three categories.  Congratulations to Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin for meeting this challenge!   I would like to challenge each state next year to have AT LEAST TWO nominations in each of the three categories!  Start thinking about it now; write up a summary and add to it throughout the year as you get more information about your nominee.  It won’t be so tough to come up with WHY someone is deserving of the award when you look back at what they’ve accomplished over the last year.  I’m sure we all know someone who excels at work, in NASCOE, and around their community!

At the state level, certificates will be awarded to employees who have accumulated 1000, 1500, and 2000 hours of unused sick leave.  Also, plaques are awarded to employees who have accumulated 2500, 3000, and 3500 hours and above of unused sick leave.  Certificates and plaques will be distributed at the MWA Rally, so make sure that information is relayed to me 60 days before the rally.

A HUGE thank you to all the state chairs and both the state and area judges!!  Without you, we would not be able to make this process work as smoothly as it does and recognize so many deserving individuals.

If you have any comments, suggestions, or need more information please let me know!

Kathy Balbaugh
MWA Awards Chair

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