Membership – Pre-MWA Rally 2018

On November 16th 2017, we had a teleconference for the MWA state membership chairs and state presidents. We talked about the importance of keeping listings of our members and NON members so we know who to target in our membership outreach. We also discussed keeping track of each county’s years of consecutive membership so counties can be recognized for their years of support of NASCOE. We conversed about the benefits of keeping track of each individual’s consecutive years of membership. Individual members can also be recognized for their years of NASCOE membership. Being a lifetime NASCOE member has benefits too so we need to track that as well. We talked about each states dues transmittal forms and shared ideas about those. I believe all teleconference participants agreed that the teleconference was a benefit to us to be able to discuss with each other what works and some obstacles we are facing in getting our information out. I’m looking forward to more such teleconferences in the future!

We have recently received a list of All CO employees in the MWA and have sent each state’s employee listing to them. Each state will reconcile the report with their membership database and report back to me the names of their NON members. After the reconciliation is complete, we will be contacting all nonmembers and ask them to review a short video about NASCOE membership.

The most important thing though is to reach out to new hires to make sure we don’t miss the boat with new employees. I have found that even though new hires can be given information about NASCOE it either isn’t being done, or there is so much information being given right at the beginning that the importance of being a NASCOE member isn’t fully sinking in and we need to not be afraid to try again.

Respectfully submitted,
LeAnn Oltmanns
MWA Membership Chair

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